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Since 2007 we have been providing solutions to more than 70 clients worldwide, ranging from small startups to government bodies and global brands.

Fast and reliable solutions for 3D facial recognition and modeling

Avatarion is one of the leading developers in 3D facial recognition, tracking and modeling. Our aim is to create the most advanced solutions to save the time and money of our clients and eliminate the problems related to working with similar systems. We offer solutions that run in a wide range of operating conditions, from individual environments to large distributed systems. Our facial recognition and tracking systems emphasize contactless technologies of human-computer interaction. Our biometrical systems that work without a single touch ensure high accuracy and reliable security according to your needs.

All our systems are based on flexible, easy to use and customizable software that creates 3D face models from images or sequences of images. All our solutions have a high level of customization. Our company’s record in recognition precision, efficiency, response time and scalability are unparalleled. Our systems can be used to control attendance time and salary computation, supplementing the attendance recording system. Our software can substitute traditional paper and card systems of attendance control. Our solutions can be used for access control systems, including visual control with surveillance cameras and network recorders that constitute the system that monitors the entrance. Our software can also replace the usual system of controlling the visitors where entering and leaving people are registered with pen and paper. Visitor control system based on our reliable 3D face recognition technologies can enable a vastly advanced security. This system can also send alarms when a blacklisted or suspicious person is detected.

Avatarion’s technologies can be greatly expanded and leave the premises of serious security software, as they can be applied for entertainment in games and interactive applications. Read further about our features and benefits on our site.